Insight Lighting

Pedestrian underpass linking Larkshall Road and Hatch Lane

Lark is a dynamic lighting and sound installation for the underpass between Larkshall Road and Hatch Lane in Larkswood. The underpass is a transitional space for both people and nature; this proposal encourages their connection through light and sound.

Within the underpass, a saturated coloured lighting environment, reflecting the colours of sunset and sunrise, will create a vibrant and gentle atmosphere. The effect will shift gradually, mixing colour and brightness in relation to the time of day and year.

The calls of native songbirds will sound intermittently, echoing the natural environment. Perhaps you will recognise some of the calls?

Lines of solar powered lights, inserted into the pavement, will link the footpath from end to end, subtly improving wayfinding while minimising disruption to wildlife.

For more information and to share your comments click here. The closing date for comments is Sunday 30 August 2020.


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