Hyh House Garden

Build Up

Front gardens of Hyh House on Chingford Road

Build Up worked with local residents to create a new garden space, orchard and meadow in front of Hyh House and 236-254 Chingford Road.

The project took place over few months between June - October 2020 and residents of all ages took part in designing the garden. Following on the delivery, the residents will actively participate in growing the garden. 

You can find out more about the project through Build Up's website, and on Facebook or Instagram.






Build Up is a charity that supports local people to practically shape where they live. We work alongside local stakeholders to make public and community spaces for everyone to cherish and enjoy. 

Waltham Forest has played a strong role in our development. The Making Places project for Aldriche Way was our first public commission and supported Build Up to create a precedent for community-led estate improvement.