'The Forest Welcomes You' plays on the area’s historic ties with the Royal Waltham Forest to create a narrative driven intervention to add playfulness and intrigue to an unloved and forgotten underpass space. Murals and lighting and employed to animate this route and bring the story of the Forest to life.

Our proposal celebrates the giving of the forest back to the people. Using the railway bridge as its pivot, it seeks to create a physical and conceptual link between the Forest and the Wood Street area. The abstract woodland mural and back lighting installation seeks to create a sense of a woodland clearing by silhouetting the fins, to give the impression of tree trunks. A back lit moon on the opposite  wall provides counter point to the main piece, and animal footprints on the ground marking the way towards Epping forest and the train station.


We are; Zoe Power a mural painter and illustrator, Limbic Cinema a multimedia design studio specialising in immersive lighting installations and environments and Shape Studio a multidisciplinary design and fabricate workshop.  The expertise of each member within this collaborative team allows us to respond to the multifaceted requirements of the site’s brief.