The Makers of Leyton Ward will improve the area under Leyton Midland railway bridge by creating typographic murals on each side of the road. Making the space brighter and more attractive, the project will celebrate the area’s history of manufacturing and craft.

As an important transport link, we feel that it could become a colourful, inspirational place, through beautifully hand-painted murals, which celebrate a large range of local makers and are informative to visitors. Including names and occupations, the mural would convey the uniqueness and craftsmanship of the makers of Leyton, throughout history, and would show positivity for the future - an area could be left blank for new ones to be added. The mural could work as a list, or perhaps a story about the history of the area.

We will celebrate a diverse range of makers, from a famous local kulfi-maker to a glass blower or film-maker. The design would be well-considered typographically and could perhaps reflect historical signage in the area (e.g. ghost signs - beautifully hand-painted yet softly faded advertising from past eras).

We suggest partnering with local creative space Host to hold engagement workshops to gather local people’s stories; photographer Carmel King, who has been researching local makers for years, to create an exhibition of portraits displayed at Host; and for the mural’s written content, writer James Pallister. To capture the process, we will document the project, and design and produce a small publication and/or microsite for locals to remember their part in its creation.


Phillips-Walmsley is an art and design partnership with over ten years’ experience of designing, personally implementing and running projects including hand-painted murals, sign writing, and public art installations from London to New York, working for clients ranging from councils, to arts organisations, local businesses and big brands.