This collaboration of Accent and Mark McClure is a pairing of both experiential design and visual storytelling. Key to our approach to this project is telling a narrative that is important to the local area and community and speaks to the space, its function and the way we want people to use it in the future. Our concept revolves around the idea of transition, highlighting the site’s natural aim to connect places. As part of enlivening this space we aim to turn this journey into an exciting and revealing transition to reward this movement from one end to the other.

Using the execution of colour to tell a visual story across the underpass, we aim to use a lenticular sculptural element within the underpass itself to disguise and reveal certain aspects of the design. Movement through the space is encouraged to allow people to see differing parts of the design, instigating delight in the moment when this is all revealed. This concept brightens the space through the use of colour and a simple lighting scheme to playfully look at movement and dance with the geometric graphic language within the idea.


Mark McClure Studio embraces bespoke surface design alongside public art, sculpture and gallery works, all in his bold, geometric style. Mark has exhibited widely both in the UK and Internationally. With a background in visual design and working with wood, paint and other materials – Mark collaborates with interior designers, architects and public bodies to bring the bold, geometric works to both private and public spaces. The resulting works build on the idea of a graphic landscape - drawing on the structural shapes of the built environment and combine them with graphic motifs.

Accent is a London based creative agency. We work alongside councils, agencies and stakeholders to provide contemporary and bespoke artwork for interior and exterior spaces. Our artwork is heavily influenced by local narrative, and aims to work on both micro and macro scales to reward repeat viewings.