A permanent three-dimensional painting that has public participation at its core. The painting will be framed by a fern garden with new lighting. Central to the idea is public participation - to develop a sense of civic pride and a community relationship with the artwork.

The project will celebrate the robust nature of the underpass and uplift its appearance by using pigmented concrete to introduce colour, texture and pattern. Wignall & Moore’s proposal will wrap the existing concrete structure in a new decorative and hard waring layer. The new work begins with construction of form work against the existing concrete wall, with this in place the ‘painting’ can begin. Working with the community we will sketch out the intended shapes and patterns of the concrete painting directly onto the form work. Beautifully coloured mixes of concrete will then be added into the space between the form work and the existing wall. We will use our skill of previous concrete paintings to slowly build up the layers hidden within the form work working with members of the community. The final reveal coming a few days later when the moulds are removed and painting beneath is exposed for all to enjoy


Wignall & Moore is an architectural studio that includes architects, designers and makers. It produces expressive buildings, places and unique experiences that aim to bring joy. The practice offers original designs based on an appreciation and sensitivity to Architecture, Art and Theatre. Wignall & Moore bridge the gap between designer and contractor, providing clients with original bespoke prototypes and construction.