Build Up proposes to turn an inactive green space, between Hyh House and the busy Chingford Road, into an inviting and productive space for both people and nature in equal measure. By creating an inclusive programme of workshops, decision-making processes and events, the project will open up the design process to local residents of all ages, to produce a meadow garden and orchard. 

In the UK we are struggling with a biodiversity loss that has serious consequences for everyone and every being. For green spaces to thrive in a city, they need active engagement from the people closest to them. However, it is hard to care for local environments when there is little provision for social engagement within them. As access to natural amenities in city communities becomes more limited, we become less able to live alongside nature and in due course insects, plants, and mammals decline.

Build Up will seek to address both these issues within the immediate surrounds of Hyh House. By engaging local residents in a series of connection-to-nature activities and events, a varied programme will provide opportunities for supported and shared learning experiences. Leading into the planting of a wildflower meadow and orchard, the process will encourage residents to become confident custodians of a reinvigorated natural space. With imagination and fun, together we will  nurture this large green space into a thriving hub for bees, birds, flowers, fruit and people. 


Build Up is a charity that supports local people to practically shape where they live. We work alongside local stakeholders to make public and community spaces for everyone to cherish and enjoy. 

Waltham Forest has played a strong role in our development; the Making Places project for Aldriche Way was our first public commission and supported Build Up to create a precedent for community-led estate improvement.