This proposal celebrates the everyday life of the city. Three light-touch lighting interventions to Bulwer Road’s existing letter box, telephone box and lamp post transform this overlooked pavement into a stage for chance encounter. These uncanny interventions bring light and identity to the street whilst prompting a closer look at the city around us.

The telephone box is repurposed as a light box to brighten the site and make the area feel safer. The telephone inside is removed and replaced with a light and its interior panels are lined with a coloured one-way mirror film. In daylight, the mirrored box reflects the red, green and yellow of its surroundings; while at dusk it glows pink - introducing a new colour to this mix.

A decorative lamp shade is fitted to the lamp post to create a local landmark, and the parking sign-post is extended to become a support for a pendant light above letter box. At night, the letter box becomes a beacon; during the day, it is reflected in the reflective surface of the light.


We are a team of three young architectural designers and an engineer. Between us we have experience designing and delivering public, cultural and place-making projects. Our first collaboration was a small music festival pavilion which we designed and built in 2015. We have since worked for established architectural and engineering firms delivering projects at many scales and budgets. We have diverse experience working for a number of architectural and engineering practices.