Alleyway of Curiosities

Chingford Library Alley, Chingford Green

‘Alleyway of Curiosities’ is a lighting-led public realm improvement plan to transform an unloved alleyway that connects the residential streets behind Chingford Library with Chingford Green. Using lighting in a bright and playful way, the scheme aims to repurpose an old oil store as a colourful ‘lantern’ feature, illuminate the mature chestnut trees to the north of the alley and introduce festoon lights to create a welcoming entrance to the south. A new ‘stumpery’ will create a landscape feature to the side of the path and a mural will be designed to improve an existing fence, creating a space that feels well cared for, safe and inviting. 



AR Urbanism (Urban Designers) and partners Pritchard Themis (Lighting Designers) have worked together on a range of town centre and public realm projects, including studies for Brick Lane and Petticoat Lane in Central London.