The Makers of Leyton

Phillips Walmsley

Leyton Midland Road Station, beneath the bridge

The Makers of Leyton is a proposal for a hand-painted typographic mural beneath the bridge at Leyton Midland Road Station, that with improved lighting, will celebrate the area’s history of manufacturing and craft and make the space brighter and more attractive.

The artwork will celebrate the diversity of local makers, from a famous local kulfi-maker to a glass blower or film-maker. Featuring names and occupations, the mural will convey the uniqueness of Leyton’s makers offering a history of the area and a creating a positive legacy.

We will gather local people’s stories through research and engagement workshops and create materials, such as a publication or exhibition, to document and celebrate this process.


Phillips-Walmsley is an art and design partnership with over ten years’ experience of designing, personally implementing and delivering projects including hand-painted murals, sign writing, and public art installations from London to New York, working for clients ranging from councils, to arts organisations, local businesses and big brands.