Insight Lighting

Pedestrian underpass linking Larkshall Road and Hatch Lane

Larkshall Road underpass is a transitional space for both people and nature. This proposal for a dynamic lighting scheme and sound installation within the underpass, and improved native planting, will encourage their connection through a playful and inclusive approach.

Lines of light will describe the pathway, illuminating the handrails and leading to the underpass. This will improve wayfinding and create a space which is more welcoming while ensuring minimal light spill and wildlife disruption.

Within the underpass a saturated lighting environment refers to sunset and sunrise. The effect will shift gradually and mix colour and brightness in relation to the time of day and year to create a vibrant and gentle atmosphere.


Founded in 1989, Insight Lighting has extensive knowledge of analogue and digital technologies and over twenty years of applied experience. We have a multi-disciplinary, engaged approach and work with a regular team of skilled associates including lighting designers, projection designers, artists and engineers to produce thought provoking and elegant visual experiences.